Explaining the ending of John Wick: Chapter three — Parabellum

The world of John Wick is a puzzle field. Every installment has revealed extra in regards to the murderer underworld, detailing the community of killers far past simply New York Metropolis. And, weirdly, it’s suffering from the identical type of bureaucratic infighting you’d discover in any workplace setting. The third installment is not any exception, sending John (Keanu Reeves) throughout the globe and again once more, encountering members of the bigger murderer world alongside the best way.
However after the occasions of John Wick: Chapter three — Parabellum have we seen the final of the Baba Yaga? And what does the way forward for the franchise have in retailer? Polygon spoke with the screenwriter to search out out extra.
[Ed. note: Major spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum follow.]

Winston (Ian McShane) and John Wick’s new canine.Summit Leisure

Quite than being the ultimate piece of a John Wick trilogy, Parabellum ends on a cliffhanger, organising the dominos for a serious shake-up and continuation.
Because the movie ends, John has been betrayed by his longtime buddy Winston (Ian McShane), who has chosen to sacrifice him to The Excessive Desk in order to maintain management over New York department of The Continental. The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne), who additionally almost died by the hands of the Desk, saves John’s life, transporting him to security after his fall from the roof of the resort. Neither have something to lose, and each have been underestimated by those that would try and oust them. They haven’t simply survived the ordeal; they’re now out for revenge.
“Within the first couple of drafts, we did quote unquote finish it,” defined Derek Kolstad, who created the sequence. “However even in that ending that we wrote, it nonetheless left it open to the world, however extra alongside the strains of your gunslinger driving off into the sundown. However over time and over course of, let’s be sincere, Keanu loves this film, loves this character. Chad loves this world. […] There was a bigger world to discover they usually needed to delve into it.”

Although it’s pretty clear what John Wick will rise up to subsequent (revenge!), there’s a complete world that’s left to dig into. Quite a few characters who’ve been launched briefly appearances in John’s story who may simply anchor their very own spinoffs. Halle Berry’s Sofia, as an illustration, or The Tailor and The Sommelier from the second movie may very well be expanded.
There’s additionally the concept there could be an entity that even John Wick can’t deal with. “In a world the place everybody fears the Baba Yaga, fears John Wick, who does John worry?” wonders Kolstad. “Is there the Bogeyman of the Bogey man?”
The probabilities are limitless provided that the infrastructure holding the assassins collectively has, in accordance with Kolstad, been in place for at the least 2000 years. “I believe because the franchise goes on that we’d change into extra worldwide,” Kolstad mentioned, noting that there are Continentals in each metropolis and citing Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore as potential places. Nonetheless, “in some ways the guts and the soul of this film, this franchise, these characters, will likely be New York.”

The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) and Winston (McShane) in dialog.Summit Leisure

Nonetheless, there’ll be loads of room for progress provided that one of many deliberate Wickiverse continuations is a TV sequence tentatively titled The Continental. Although Kolstad is a non-writing govt producer on the present (whereas he wrote the scripts for the primary two John Wick films and co-wrote the script of the third), he dug into among the potentialities. “Actually, if it’s going again to a Continental TV present, I need to see what the kitchen seems like. I need to see who cleans the rooms. I need to see who’s the janitor.”
It’s an growth of Wick lore that feels according to the good franchise of our age: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The opposite Wick film in improvement known as Ballerina, the title of which dovetails neatly with the invention that John comes from related origins as Black Window: A home that trains ladies in ballet and boys in wrestling, turning them into professional assassins.

“It truly is beginning to really feel like its personal MCU,” Kolstad agreed. “I do know that’s form of ridiculous when you consider [the fact that] there’s simply been three films at this level, however there’s a lot life on this universe proper now, it makes excellent sense. I believe a number of that comes all the way down to what the MCU has accomplished so nicely. It by no means felt to me like at any level these films had been speaking all the way down to the viewers simply as in John Wick they’re not speaking all the way down to you. They’re anticipating you to catch up they usually’re unveiling a world to you that doesn’t have to explain itself to you. You’re strapping in for the journey and peeling again the layers of the onion.”
What makes the John Wick universe much more particular, nonetheless, has every thing to do with its star. As identified by Kolstad, Reeves has acknowledged a dislike of sequels and franchises, so it’s a blessing and a shock that he’s so married to John Wick. “He has made this character his personal and he simply needs to run with it for so long as he needs to run with it,” Kolstad mentioned. As for the place he’s working to, we’ll simply have to attend to search out out. “It’s like, nicely, the place the fuck can we go now? The fact is we’re figuring it out.”

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