Future 2: Shadowkeep information: The Backyard of Salvation raid

The Backyard of Salvation raid takes you contained in the Black Backyard of Future 2 — a well-recognized location for old-school followers. You’ll face down two bosses over 4 encounters within the Backyard of Salvation: the Consecrated Thoughts and the Sanctified Thoughts.
The Backyard of Salvation is the primary absolutely Vex raid for the reason that authentic Future’s Vault of Glass. It’s time to delve again contained in the Black Backyard and uncover the origins of the mysterious Relic from Future 2: Shadowkeep’s marketing campaign.
Encounter 1: Evade the Consecrated Thoughts

To open the door and begin the battle, you might want to be taught the brand new tether mechanic. There’s a small dice within the opening space and a black star on the door. Utilizing fellow Guardians, you might want to stand in a line and activate the dice. The dice will ship out a beam to the closest Guardian, tethering to them. The tethered Guardian will then tether with their nearest Guardian and so forth. Tether till a Guardian connects to the door.
On this battle, you’ll must play leap frog together with your teammates. Separate your Fireteam into two groups. One staff to observe the boss and soak up his dice assault, and the opposite to battle forward, clear enemies, and open doorways. You’ll swap these groups every time the boss strikes to a brand new space. Gamers want to succeed in the top of an open discipline to complete the battle.
For a full walkthrough. Try FalloutPlays simple to observe YouTube tutorial above.
Encounter 2: Summon the Consecrated Thoughts

After the leaping puzzle, it’s time to summon the Consecrated Thoughts.
This new area is mainly a baseball diamond, with dwelling plate positioned the place you begin the battle. You could station one participant at every of the bases. The opposite two gamers are floaters, and use portals to leap between bases. Gamers merely must defend bases till the battle ends.
Many of the enemies on this encounter have Enlightened shields round them. Gamers must have the Enlightened buff to break them. To achieve the Enlightened buff, gamers want to face in a line and make a connection between a field and black star close to their base. Mainly they’ll be utilizing the tether mechanic, like within the first battle. You want not less than two gamers to drag this off. That’s what the floater gamers are good for — leaping between gamers to offer the buffs.
For a full breakdown of the battle, take a look at Datto’s video above. This encounter begins at eight:15 in his video.
Encounter three: Defeat the Consecrated Thoughts

When you’ve summoned the Consecrated Thoughts, you’ll must take it down for good.
As soon as once more you might want to break your get together into two separate groups. The primary staff must observe the boss round because it travels from location to location. It’ll drop the sq. debuff like within the first encounter, but it surely’ll imprison the participant that picks it up this time. The imprisoned participant wants to concentrate to the Consecrated Thoughts’s eyes — solely they will see which of them are lit up and which aren’t. All gamers must shoot all three of the lit up eyes the imprisoned participant sees.
The second staff is Mote targeted. Gamers must defeat massive Minotaurs within the space — they drop 5 Motes every. One of many Mote staff members want to gather the Motes and run them to the lit up base, trying to the sky to see the sunshine. They’ll then deposit the Motes and defend the world from Vex till one other Mote collector makes the run
The Fireteam wants repeat this course of till the pylon has 30 motes, which is able to draw the boss for the harm section.
For a extra in-depth information, take a look at Datto’s video above. This encounter begins on the 11:50 mark in his video.
Encounter four: Defeat the Sanctified Thoughts
We’re nonetheless ready on Datto’s video for the Sanctified Thoughts battle. We’ll replace this submit with an outline and video as quickly as we will.

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