Hitman’s heat-seeking briefcase is formally a weapon within the subsequent replace

Hitman 2 has, or had at one level, a glitch by which Agent 47 might fling his briefcase overhead and it will residence in on a goal, even round corners or behind partitions, and knock somebody’s Eurotrash ass out. It was a number of enjoyable, however rapidly patched out by IO Interactive. Now they’re embracing it, and bringing again the homing briefcase as goofy, formally usable gadget.
It’s a part of the Finest Case State of affairs Problem pack, which is coming Aug. eight. “Is it a bug? Is it a function? No, it’s an unlock!” IO says. “This physics-bending briefcase is designed to induce worry and terror in whoever will get in its means.”
The briefcase weapon was found shortly after Hitman 2’s launch in November, and the homing-missile/baggage was rapidly patched out when IO was alerted to the goof through social media. Followers nonetheless ROFL’d and cherished the fourth-wall breaking nature of the weapon, particularly within the context of one thing as fashionable and smooth as a Hitman job. In that spirit, it’s again.
I imply, face it, 47 is gonna end the job by no matter means can be found within the second, proper? A helicoptering briefcase is identical as a meat hook in a Romanian fetish occasion or a blowfish rotting on a Yakuza’s kitchen desk. It will get outcomes, in different phrases, and 47’s bidness is a the final word results-driven enterprise.
Hitman is at its greatest while you pull off a contract and it appears to be like like some badass shit that may truly go down in a film. However typically, for the sake of shifting the story alongside, it has to get messy, and the whirling briefcase respects that. Thanks, IO Interactive.

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