Is Epic Video games behind a coordinated assault in opposition to CD Projekt RED? : players

Why is it that CDPR is singled out?CDPR is the one pro-consumer firm amongst these you’ve got listed, that is why.EA? Lootboxes shock mechanics and a way of pleasure and accomplishment, and their studios are releasing stuff that is meh at greatest and full and utter rubbish at worst. Anticonsumer AF. Oh, and so they additionally feed their video games woke.Bethesda. In addition to the standard “charging $60 for a shitty, damaged recreation (on launch) Bethesda may be very notorious for, there’s this complete Fallout 76 shitshow that is nonetheless pretty latest.Activision-Blizzard. CoD has lootboxes, Diablo playerbase has telephones, WoW playerbase has some dank ass cinematics and nothing else of worth with hint quantities of woke. It in all probability leaked over from Overwatch, which is woke central for Bliz. Starcraft lies forgotten. Heartstone is pay2win. Not as anti-consumer as Bethesda and EA, in all probability, however they do not have a lot goodwill from players both. (I am conscious that I’ve principally targeted on Blizz half however hey)Ubisoft: they’re sorta consuming glue behind the seat. Certain, they have some nice video games, however on the size from ‘pro-‘ to ‘anti-consumer’ Ubisoft ranks strong impartial. They are not doing something anti-consumer, however they are not actively pro-consumer both. That, and so they’re pumping woke into their video games (WD3 reveal).Rockstar: GTA5 and RDR2 are nice video games, however on-line is … one thing else.And all this stuff is stuff that journalists are paid to endorse.    Now distinction that with CDPR:Immensely pro-consumer (GOG+no DRM factor they obtained happening)They do not pander, they do not inject woke into their gamesno shock mechanics or microtransactionsand to high issues off, their video games aren’t shit … (okay I’m ignoring Thronebreaker)After all they seem to be a goal of each company dick-sucking journo.

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