Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – highest uncooked injury weapon bushes

There are a great deal of new weapons to get your palms on in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, so right here’s a fast have a look at one of the best of the bunch.
In Monster Hunter World, it’s worthwhile to observe a weapon tree path to be able to get one of the best weapons.
In the event you’re in search of some excessive uncooked injury weapons with zero affinity, you possibly can observe the pathways under.
When you attain Iceborne’s endgame content material, you possibly can add additional upgrades to your weapons, so take a look at our information to understanding weapon augments and upgrades right here.
Cheers to our pal Alex for making this video highlighting one of the best new weapons in Iceborne.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – highest uncooked injury weapon bushes
Plenty of excessive uncooked injury weapons come from the Diablos Tree, which extends into the Acidic Glavenus tree is a number of circumstances. The most effective excessive uncooked injury weapons in Iceborne have zero affinity, which you should use to your benefit.
There are additionally a number of weapons that, whereas the uncooked injury may be decrease, they arrive with sturdy elemental injury. However, for those who’re in search of nothing however sheer uncooked injury energy, listed below are a number of weapons to contemplate including to your arsenal.
Tiger Jawblade+ to Acidic Shredder 2
To get the Acidic Shredder 2, you’ll must observe the Baroth tree alongside to the Acidic Glavenus tree.
It has Rarity 11, does 1392 injury, a small quantity of white sharpness and has paralysis elemental buff of 420. It additionally comes with 4 increase slots.
Iron hammer 1 to The Grinding Mallet
You’ll must observe the Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree to Diablos then Acidic Glavenus to get The Grinding Mallet.
It has Rarity 11 and offers 1508 injury. It additionally comes with some white sharpness, a paralysis buff of 330 and 4 increase slots.
Metallic Bagpipe 1 to The Rasping Ballad
To get The Rasping Ballad, observe the Bone tree to Anjanath, Fulgur Anjanath then Acidic Glavenus.
Once more, it has Rarity 11 and inflicts 1218 injury. 330 paralysis buff, white and blue sharpness and 4 increase slots.
Proto Fee Axe 1 to The Melting Grasp
To get this sword and protect combo, observe the Bone tree to Diablos then Acidic Glavenus.
It comes with Rarity 11 and offers 1044 injury. It has white and blue sharpness, 4 increase slots and has a paralysis buff of 270. It additionally has an Influence Phial which is able to improve your injury and probability to knock down a monster.
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