Mysterio’s Spider-Man: Far From Residence multiverse dimensions, defined

Clips and trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Residence have already given us one large reveal of the film’s plot: Mysterio is from a parallel Earth. However not simply that: We all know precisely which parallel Earth he’s from.
However there’s extra to it then that. Be a part of me, after the warning, for a spoiler-filled examination of Mysterio’s understanding of the Marvel multiverse, and the importance of these humorous little numbers.
[Ed. note: This post will contain major spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home.]

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When you’ve seen Spider-Man: Far From Residence you now know what we’d suspected all alongside: Mysterio is a mendacity liar who lies.
He’s not from a parallel Earth, he’s only a disgruntled Stark Industries worker with loads of holographic drones.
However that doesn’t imply there’s no significance to his claims. Quentin Beck nonetheless holds the doubtful honor of being the primary Marvel Cinematic Universe character to do one thing deeply nerdy and very important from Marvel Comics themselves: He numbers the parallel earths.

OK, OK, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it visible reference to Earth-616 in Thor: The Darkish World as properly, however Mysterio says it out loud, a element so comic-booky that Commander Talos and his spouse had been able to imagine he was from one other world totally.
“That is Earth Dimension 616,” he tells Peter when he explains his quote-unquote origins. “I’m from Earth-833. We share similar bodily constants, stage 4 symmetry.”
Marvel’s universe numbers imply one thing
The best way the Marvel is sensible of its multiverse’s parallel earths is a basic variations between the comics firm and competitor, DC. The place the DC multiverse is usually thought of to comprise a finite variety of steady parallel worlds — often, 52 of them — the Marvel Multiverse incorporates a theoretically infinite variety of worlds.
How do writers maintain all these worlds straight, then? What about followers? The characters themselves? The reply is a system of numerical designation, the place each parallel world could be referred to as “Earth-” after which some numbers. Numbers are assigned considerably haphazardly by no matter creator pens their first look — a few of them appear to be references to subject numbers or dates of publication, however general, they don’t have any secret that means.
That is all to say that when Mysterio says that he’s from Earth-833, and Peter is from Earth-616, these phrases have historical past within the Marvel Universe.
And in addition Mysterio is completely incorrect about each of them.
What’s Earth-616?
Earth-833, which Mysterio claims as his personal, is a longtime Marvel parallel Earth, but it surely doesn’t have a lot significance to Spider-Man: Far From Residence. We don’t know a lot about Earth-833 besides that it’s the house of Spider-UK, a form of amalgam of Spider-Man and the Marvel hero Captain Britain, who performed a pivotal position within the unique Spider-Verse crossover. It may very well be that the parents behind Far From Residence picked this one as a reference to the film’s climax, which takes place in London, however in any other case there’s no direct connection to the plot.
Alternatively, Earth-616 is a reasonably large deal: It’s the numerical designation of the primary Marvel Comics universe, the place the common model of Spider-Man and the Avengers and the X-Males and all these of us are from. Mysterio says that Peter’s world is Earth-616, and that appears like it might make sense.
However he’s nonetheless incorrect.
Earth-616 is the primary Marvel comics universe, through which the vast majority of the tales in Marvel comics happen. Spider-Man: Far From Residence, Avengers: Endgame, and all the opposite Marvel Studios movies happen in their very own parallel Marvel earth, which has its personal numerical designation: Earth-199999. That’s a one adopted by 5 nines, should you’re already squinting at it.
Which simply goes to indicate: Mysterio is a mendacity liar who lies, and he can’t even get his lies proper.

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