Palms-On With Overwatch 2 Co-Op

For the reason that authentic launch of Overwatch, gamers have clamored for extra story-centric content material. At Blizzcon 2019, I had an opportunity to take a look at the brand new story content material coming to Overwatch 2. You possibly can learn an entire lot extra concerning the upcoming title in our upcoming cowl story, however for now I loaded in with three pals to tackle a smattering of evil robots. Earlier than our sport started, we had the choice to choose into “knowledgeable” issue, however my companions and I made a decision that standard could be a great way to chop our tooth. As Mei, I used to be joined by Reinhardt, Lucio, and Tracer for a bustling co-op journey in Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout the whole expertise, cutscenes saved the story flowing as we moved from space to space. The escapade begins by clearing a membership out – commonplace grunt enemies that did not actually supply any problem however eased us into the expertise. After mopping them up, we get our first provide chest – crammed with gadgets of assorted color-coded rarities that supply basically a protracted cooldown capability to your base package. I choose a corrosive grenade whereas my allies seize different assorted help gear. Nothing particular on this chest when it comes to rarity, largely greens, however we count on that may change later down the road.

Shifting on, we’re confronted with more durable, a lot thicker robots that may deal with a ton of punishment. They’re nonetheless not an excessive amount of of a problem, however they will completely kill you should you’re not paying consideration, and we’ve got to choose up a number of teammates shifting from town right down to the seaside. There, we meet up with a brand new character within the franchise, Echo. We blast off from the seaside and board the big enemy ship that is been busy wanting menacing, looming within the sky over the mission. The ship is definitely a robotic manufacturing unit, and we’re right here to close it down. Flying enemies have been added to the combo, and whereas they’re pretty fragile, they will dish out a ton of concentrated punishment and take out a hero rapidly.

Clearing room to room, we find yourself on the reactor core of the ship, which takes us right into a form of horde-mode type encounter the place we’ve got to do a bunch of injury to the core whereas it is susceptible and clear enemy waves whereas it is hidden and guarded. Close to the top of the core’s life, the massive unhealthy boss seems, and it’s a titanic robotic that manages to mud a number of of my companions. We might been saving our ultimates for this, and we’re additionally aided by high-rarity gear that we discovered on the ship, together with a helpful purple-grade turret that I waste no time organising. Stacking our ultimates with our aggressive Reinhardt, we handle to maintain the boss staggered, frozen, or in any other case occupied in order that he cannot unleash his highly effective assaults.

The boss is quickly diminished to rubble, however we’ve got a brand new drawback – the ship is about to blow up, and we’ve got a couple of minute to get to a protected extraction level. We hustle and make fairly good time, escaping the exploding aerial fortress in epic trend. The mission is over, however all the pieces about it made us wish to leap in for one more spherical on the next issue. Whereas we did not get an opportunity to, what we did get to play was extremely promising.

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