PewDiePie says he’s been banned in China

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is the world’s largest impartial YouTube channel — however for those who dwell in China, you’ll be able to now not benefit from the Swedish star’s content material. Following a collection of jokes referencing the Hong Kong protests, the PewDiePie channel now seems to be censored.
The YouTuber introduced his blacklisting in a current video, the place he reveals a screenshot of what occurs for those who search “PewDiePie” in China. Nothing comes up. That is possible as a result of China’s reliance on an enormous surveillance and censorship program that’s generally known as the “Nice Fireplace Wall of China.”

YouTube through PewDiePie

Kjellberg isn’t precisely stunned by this flip of occasions — just lately, excessive profile musician DJ Zedd additionally bought banned from China, allegedly for merely liking a South Park tweet. Kjellberg, in the meantime, featured a meme on his YouTube channel that jokingly referred to China as a “dumb bitch.” The YouTuber additionally frolicked in that video discussing the NBA China scandal with Lebron James, in addition to the Hearthstone participant ban. “China is like that one particular person on Twitter that may’t take any criticism and simply blocks everybody” he stated in a video uploaded on October 16.

“I’m laughing however, yeah, I’m sorry if you’re in China and attempting to look at my movies,” Kjellberg stated in a video uploaded yesterday. “That kinda sucks.” Kjellberg additionally cracked jokes concerning the scenario on Twitter, the place he used the scenario to plug a paid VPN service.

China took copyright of Pewdiepie in 2017 with out me having the ability to cease them anyway, guess they cannot promote any extra pewdiepie wedding ceremony clothes now lol— ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ (@pewdiepie) October 20, 2019

“Maintain the web open and free from ban regulatios [sic],” Kjellberg wrote.
On Twitter, Chinese language web customers affirm that they will’t see Kjellberg’s content material underneath regular means, however re-uploads on different video websites nonetheless make it doable to view his movies.

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