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Eevee evolutions Leafeon and Glaceon are nonetheless to reach in Pokmon Go, however a recent leak appears to have revealed a model new mechanic which can – eventually – make them obtainable.Code present in Pokmon Go’s newest replace by serial leaker Chrales particulars a number of new varieties of Lure Module. These are the primary variants of the merchandise for the reason that recreation’s launch virtually three years in the past. Whereas they’re but to really go reside, three sorts have been detailed in full: A Glacial Lure Module is not going to solely appeal to Pokmon “that love the chilly” – ie. Ice sorts – but in addition “trigger some Pokmon to evolve”. This could be an ideal match for Eevee’s Ice evolution, Glaceon. A Mossy Lure Module, in the meantime, will appeal to Pokmon “that love mossy scents” – ie. Grass sorts – however once more “trigger some Pokmon to evolve”. You’ve got guessed it, this might be an ideal match for Eevee’s Grass evolution, Leafeon. Lastly, there is a Magnetic Lure Module. This may do the identical for electrical sorts, and it is most likely how each Magnemite and Nosepass will evolve into their closing evolutions, Magnezone and Probopass.
new lure objects texts and raid week quests— Chrales (@Chrales) Could 6, 2019
These things match the lore of the unique Pokmon video games, which required you’re taking your Pokmon to a particular space (icy, grassy, or magnetic) for them to evolve. Presumably you will have to fireplace up a lure at a PokStop then stand inside its radius to unlock your Pokmon’s choice to evolve.It is unclear, although, how you will get hold of this stuff in-game. Sometimes, Lure Modules are obtained through Pokmon Go’s in-game store, both individually or in bundles, though you additionally get a handful by levelling up.Hopefully the brand new Lure Module sorts will likely be distributed in an analogous method to Pokmon Go’s earlier Gen four evolution merchandise, the Sinnoh Stone, which is typically granted through PVP battles, or in your reward for hitting your weekly streak for finishing analysis. Till this stuff go reside, Pokmon Go’s Detective Pikachu occasion is at present reside. You’ll be able to nab your self a detective cap-wearing Pika, new avatar objects, and catch movie-related Pokmon spawns.

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