Rumor: Zant Is Returning In Breath Of The Wild 2

It’s almost certainly going to be some time earlier than we hear any substantial information concerning the recently-announced sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However that’s not going to cease followers from developing with their very own theories of all kinds. Plenty of Zelda followers are adamant that Zant may have some kind of a task within the upcoming recreation, based mostly on its E3 2019 reveal trailer, which is alleged to incorporate a number of hidden notes that signify Zant’s theme from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Learn on under for an excerpt from a prolonged fan concept about this matter:
In making an attempt to determine which Ganondorf stays the corpse was presupposed to be I cross referenced the place all different Ganondorfs die in and none of them die like that. You understand who does try this although? ZANT. He does that EXACT pose a LOT. One other risk is that the hand we see is Zant’s hand! We’ve by no means seen them as a result of they’re coated by his sleeves. I noticed folks speculate that the wispy inexperienced lights had been possible from Midna or on the very least originated from the Twilight realm, however I didn’t need to consider it as a result of the twili’s color is turquoise not inexperienced, however actually the color teeters rather a lot in Twilight Princess itself so I believe after doing all this Zant analysis i’m extra desperate to consider it. That being stated it’s additionally doable the hand belongs to Midna or a descendant of hers and relatively than aiding within the revival of Ganondorf’s corpse, she is making an attempt to cease it. Both is feasible. One other factor to notice is that the markings on the wall resemble the symbols you see within the twilight realm as effectively.
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