The Outer Worlds “The Doom that got here to Roseway” Quest Information – Must you promote the analysis?

Company espionage? Covert analysis amenities? All in a day’s work once you’re in The Outer Worlds. Right here’s how one can full the “Doom that got here to Roseway” quest, and all of the associated subquests – “By His Bootstraps”, “Vulcan’s Hammer”, and “The Newbie Alchemist”.
To proceed your mission to assist the Hope colonists, you must get to Monarch – and which means getting your fingers on a Navkey to Stellar Bay. The Groundbreaker’s kindly smuggler Gladys has one on the market, however it’s not low cost; 10,000 bits not low cost.
With greenback indicators in her eyes Galdys provides you a tip off to a misery sign coming from the Roseway facility, an allegedly deserted Auntie Cleo check sight. She’ll pay for any company secrets and techniques you possibly can dig up, however there’s extra in play right here.
There’s sufficient cash to be made should you simply go and full the sidequests in Roseway, somewhat than promoting them to Gladys. So it’s nonetheless price your time.
Your selections on this quest aren’t fairly as binary as in “Comes now the Energy”, however there are nonetheless a number of paths. It’s additionally a quest that’s referenced in The Outer World’s finest ending.
The are two Journal quests to maintain tabs on right here: “The Misery Sign”, which factors you in direction of the company secrets and techniques, and “The Doom that got here to Roseway” which advances the station’s story. Verify each whilst you’re in Roseway.
The Doom that got here to Roseway quest information
When you obtain the tip off from Gladys, return to the Unreliable and converse to ADA to play the misery sign, then go to the galaxy navigator map, click on Terra-2 after which the Roseway touchdown pad.

Exit the ship and stride out into the spooky abandoned panorama. Observe the search marker forwards, taking out any enemies on the best way and also you’ll come as much as a big walled analysis base.

Transition inside and also you’ll meet some pleasant Auntie Cleo corpos. Converse to Berke for some context in your scenario if you want, however the primary man you must converse to is on the base of the tall tower in entrance of you.
Head contained in the constructing and converse to Anton Crane.

Ask him about his predicament and why he despatched the misery sign. There’s an Intimidate examine of 30 to bully out the true nature of his analysis right here, however it’s not completely vital.
Comply with return his analysis, turf out the outlaws who’ve overrun the ability, and provide to care for the Raptidon drawback as effectively. No drawback.
When Jameson comes up in dialog, ask about him and provide to stage a rescue – it’s essential for the decision of a few quests. This offers you the “By his Bootstraps” quest.
Now that’s all the pieces from Crane, there are two extra scientists to talk to in Roseway. Mark “The Misery Sign” in your Journal to get markers for them.
Vaughn Cortes is behind Roseway. Ask him about his analysis – and select a Science examine of 30 if you want – then agree to assist shut down the experiment he left operating in the primary lab. That is simple to do similtaneously grabbing Crane’s.

Subsequent, near Roseway’s door you possibly can converse to Orson Shaw. He’s a weapons engineer that wants some schematics from an overrun lab – one other secret you possibly can steal.

There’s one other Science examine of 30 to go on this dialog, however agree to gather the plans regardless.
By His Bootstraps quest information
It makes probably the most sense to go and save Jameson first. Not solely is it shut, however you’ll be capable to seize the door code for Orson’s quest – in addition to the Acid Steeper so as to add SAM to your crew – on the similar time.
Observe the search marker to the Auntie Biotics lab and enter by the entrance door.

In entrance of you there’s a entrance desk with a terminal. Stroll in direction of it and decide up the “Cleo Lab Workplace Keycard”. Now flip round and hack the pc terminal to elevate the hallway lockdown. Don’t neglect to enter the messages and browse all of them. This offers you the storage facility key code. You may increase your hack ability with Vicar Max as a follower (right here’s how one can full his follower quest, The Empty Man).

Saving Jameson is only a matter of clearing out all the enemies in the remainder of the world as quietly or loudly as you want. He’s hiding upstairs behind a closed door.

When you make it up there, converse to him till he’ll return dwelling. Observe him again and converse to Anton to show within the quest.
Vulcan’s Hammer quest information
Subsequent in your agenda are the weapon schematics – and the acid steeper.
These are discovered within the japanese storage facility so comply with the marker in your map to get there.
Enter the constructing by the facet door subsequent to the workbench outdoors and also you’ll wind up in a room with a merchandising machine.

Sneak over in direction of the search marker and also you’ll see an Armory word on a key pad – learn it, however you need to be capable to get by the door due to your earlier work.

On the cabinets to your left you need to discover the Acid Steeper.

Proceed across the nook and down the steps and also you’ll discover Orson’s lab. Affixed to the wall are some plans for a FORCE pistol, decide them up, then retrace your steps outdoors.

Now you can both return to Roseway and your ship to construct SAM and switch within the schematics, or press on to the primary covert lab.
A peaceable conclusion to The Doom that got here to Roseway
It’s doable to take care of the outlaws and raptidons with out an excessive amount of violence. Nonetheless for one examine you will have a Lockpicking ability of 15 or a Persuade stage of 45, then for a second examine you’ll want both Lie 50, Intimidate 51, or Persuade 31.
The covert lab is within the excessive south of the world. Make your approach there alongside the highway.

Exterior you possibly can converse to Lillian if you want. She asks you to return her misplaced collectible from some Raptidon Colossi close by. It’s fast and easy to finish should you’re feeling feisty – your reward is a good payout and a novel flamethrower.
Both approach, when you’re carried out head contained in the conveniently labelled covert lab by the entrance door.
Converse to Porter on the opposite facet and he’ll fill you in that the outlaws are trapped downstairs and not using a key card. Ask how he’s so positive they’ll keep caught and decide the Persuade choice if you would like, however you’ll be capable to break into his workplace later.

Undergo the door to the left of Porter, flip proper, kill the mechanical sentry and go down the steps. Kill all of the enemies on the backside, then head in direction of the search marker on the left.
As you stroll in direction of it, you’ll see a locked gate in your left. That is Porter’s workplace. Decide the lock (utilizing Parvati’s ability increase should you’re quick) and use the terminal inside to print your self a brand new key card. Loot the remainder of the room then return to the analysis quest marker.

The secure if empty so that you get a brand new goal to retrieve the analysis.

You now want to go looking the 2 storage rooms on the south facet of this flooring for “Sedative Fuel Canisters”.

There are two out within the open, and one behind a Lockpick 40 door. Don’t fear should you can’t open the door to get the third one, there are extra possibilities later.

All in all you want three of those canisters for a later quest step.
When you’ve picked these up, head down the slope in direction of the Anton’s Information quest marker. Right here you’ll converse to Cassandra O’Malley.
Say that “Anton needs an issue fastened”, then agree to barter if she fingers over the analysis. Say she wants your assist extra. She wants a keycard, which you bought in Porter’s workplace, and a transparent path to the exit, which you’re engaged on with the canisters.
The Newbie Alchemist quest information
When you’re carried out speaking to Cassandra flip round and open the door to the room behind you – that is Vaughn’s experiment. Go over to the fitting and work together with the terminal. In case you have Science 45 you possibly can recalibrate the tools for a double dose, however your in any other case “full” the experiment to present to Vaughn, or “purge” it for no reward.

Bear in mind to select up the “Rapti-prod” from the facet in the course of the lab; it’s a novel melee weapon you possibly can’t get anyplace else.
Again to the Outlaws
Now that’s handled return in direction of Cassandra and head left up the slope and across the nook.
The room in your left is crammed with raptidons and is the place you must launch the fuel. When you couldn’t unlock the door to the third canister earlier there’s one other out within the open simply to the fitting of the door right here.

With all three canisters in your stock, sneak down and open the door to the raptidon room. You then must sneak over to the three blue cylinders in your proper and work together with them.

It appears fairly unattainable to do that subsequent bit with out being noticed, so when you’ve saved the fuel dash over to the terminal on the opposite facet of the room and launch it. This solves the raptidon drawback.
With that carried out, flip round and go into the room behind you when Cassandra is trapped. Use your key card on the pad and interact her in dialog.

Regardless of the aid you’ve given her, one final double-cross is on the playing cards. That is once you want Lie 50, Intimidate 51, or Persuade 31 to resolve the scenario with out violence, however nonetheless come away with the analysis.

Must you promote the secrets and techniques to Gladys or give them to Crane?
When you take the company secrets and techniques to Gladys, you get about 7,500 bits in your hassle. Nonetheless, should you return them to Crane, Vaughn, and Orson, you get that very same quantity together with distinctive weapons and armor.
Personally, I like to gather these type of issues so I went with the scientists. Doing this doesn’t botch the search from Gladys both, she’s completely accepting once you come again empty handed.

Giving the secrets and techniques to Gladys fails The Newbie Alchemist, Vulan’s Hammer, and The Doom that got here to Roseway.
Now that you simply’re completed on the lab, head again to Roseway and converse with all of the scientists in flip. Keep away from shaking down Orson for additional bits as a result of it lowers your Auntie Cleo fame.

While you’re carried out take you well-earned bits and gadgets again to The Unreliable and set off to purchase the Navkey from Gladys.
Additionally, should you selected to return the schematics to Orson he’ll get in contact with you later down the road to supply one other distinctive weapon. Pop again to Roseway and he’ll hand it over.
When you attain Monarch there are loads extra quests on provide, together with “Canid’s Cradle”. On the brand new planet you additionally achieve entry to 2 new Science Weapons from the Void.

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