The Weapons Of Borderlands Three: A Revolving Journal

From corroding the outsized armor of the smug Crimson Lance to shorting out deranged mechs Borderlands has all the time excelled at giving our bloodthirsty id one thing to wallow in. Now the brand new recreation is upon us, and, for those who’re like me, you’re in all probability curious what instruments of destruction 2K has given us. So, to quell our mutual curiosity I’m embarking on a journey. A journey to uncover the very best, most brutal weapons within the Borderlands. I’ll be updating frequently as I uncover extra however with out additional hesitation listed here are the very best weapons I’ve discovered to date. As Claptrap instructions, “Let’s reek righteous vengeance!”

Hostile Downsizer

After an hour of frequent trash, the magic occurs. I kill a bad-ass skag and discover my old flame: the Hyperion Hostile Downsizer. This bucktastic bulldozer comes totally augmented with a bayonet, frontal protect, and most significantly, incendiary rounds. Positive, incendiary rounds are all over the place, however what makes this particular is the way it augments Moze: the gunner class. It’s attainable to extend her incendiary potential each passively and after reloading – delighting my interior pyromaniac. The occasional spark evolves to fixed immolation – downsizing each enemy to ash.

Deluxe Sureshot

Now, this gun was a shock. I by no means gave pistols a lot consideration within the prior Borderlands however now that modifications. The little marvel packs within the quickness of an SMG with the accuracy of a revolver – permitting for near-constant crucial hits. The pistol’s pugnacious precision can be sufficient to land it on this checklist however go away it to Gearbox to throw in an additional burst of affection. Not content material being one other Tediore flamable, this gun not solely explodes upon reloading but in addition splits into three homing missiles. Let the physique components rain!  

Brashi’s Dedication

After ending the primary mission, Cult Following, within the Holy Broadcast Middle, I’ve discovered one other deal with. Ending the aspect quest Head Case (activated by grabbing the pinnacle within the jar discovered when leaving the middle) unlocks one of many recreation’s greatest early weapons: Brashi’s Dedication. A gun fanatic’s dream it combines 4 completely different taking pictures types into two modes. The primary is an electrical mid-range rifle (assume the M14 in Name of Obligation) whereas the second is a corrosive long-range sniper. The flexibility of with the ability to fluidly alter ways with out altering weapons is already scrumptious, however the various elemental results make this a tactical should. I cannot be dropping it anytime quickly. 

Searing Wolfhound

My favourite gun, to this point, graced me throughout my remaining mission on Pandora. Each a rifle and SMG this incinerator decimates. Whether or not it’s scoping a headshot with the semi-automatic mode or eviscerating a badass up shut with totally automated abandon, all who stand in opposition to me face hellfire. Leaving Pandora, a totally armed soldier, I’m content material. Borderlands Three has already come by means of by giving me a number of methods to slaughter, and I’m excited to see what artistic weaponry the longer term holds. 

Eviscerating Nebula

After being on Promethea a grand complete of 15 minutes, I’ve already discovered a alternative for my beloved searing wolfhound. I really feel a way of loss in parting methods with my current love, however the unhappiness is transient since I’m whisked away by fiery ardour. Maliwan’s eviscerating nebula lacks the wolfhound’s sniping potential, however makes up for it with elemental ferocity. The nebula does six extra hearth injury, has corrosive injury, and doubles the possibility for an elemental impact as in comparison with the wolfhound! I’m a strolling incinerator. 

Stark Particle Rifle

Now I’m beginning to marvel … is Maliwan simply overpowered? About 30 min after discovering the nebula, I discover a Maliwan sniper that humiliates Brashi’s Dedication. This monstrosity does 34 elemental injury (incendiary and shock) and boasts a 30 p.c likelihood for elemental activation. That’s triple the basic energy of Brashi’s Dedication. The gun almost one-shots shielded enemies, so it holds a particular place in my coronary heart, however one thing tells me I’ll be discovering one thing sexier quickly. 

Stoic Oddy-Knocky

Ooooh, what a magnificence. Regardless of the baffling title and lack of elemental injury, this gun is as superior to make use of as it’s to take a look at. It combines the vary, influence, and aesthetic of an AK-47 with the journal measurement and fire-rate of a heavy machine gun. Irrespective of the vary, this gun has me lined. The under-barrel shotgun is simply icing on the cake, flattening any enemies spry sufficient to get shut. The Stoic Oddy-Knocky shreds supine enemies to items. Yeah, it’s my new predominant.     


Now, this can be a bizarre one. Awarded after finishing the Dynasty Diner aspect quest, this burger bazooka barfs out rotten roach meat – drenching enemies in rancid rain. Like a fizzling fart, armored enemies evaporate into nothingness. 

Stark Krakatoa

Dwelling as much as its volcanic namesake, the Stark Krakatoa erupts with appeal. Enemies killed by this sniper rifle spew forth fireballs. The flames scorch enemies, however their tiny vary make them solely an occasional pleasure. Even eradicating the flames, the gun lives as much as its legendary standing with a close to assault-rifle firing fee: Maintain down the set off and watch it unleash hell. The gun annihilates from afar every time, and when the time is true, it incinerates even essentially the most rabid rabble right into a lump of mud. 

Unsafe Sample Block

Lastly, I’ve discovered a real rocket launcher, and what a beefcake! Whereas the gun has the do-it-yourself really feel of a highschool science undertaking, it packs the wallop of a military-grade armament. Replete with trackers, this launcher’s missiles shortly house in on targets. Moreover, the trackers come within the type of grenades; in the event that they explode within the enemy’s neighborhood, the missiles can’t miss. It’s assured destruction, with out the mutual half.    

One Pump Chump

Dwelling as much as the One-Punch Man legacy, this godly weapon eradicates enemies in a single hit. A random drop off the One Punch mini boss, the holy armament comes with a hefty worth. One Punch killed me a number of occasions, however it’s well worth the ache. Alongside deific injury this weapon boasts sniper degree vary and accuracy – permitting for one-shot kills from throughout the map. 

Unshippable Sample Purple

Just like the Unsafe Sample Bloc, the Unshippable Sample Purple seems to be prefer it got here proper out of some 1950 navy, sci-fi propaganda. Nevertheless, it boosts even larger firepower. This iteration comes with monitoring darts that enable for superior firing vary. Resembling a howitzer, the Unshippable Sample Purple mortars mobs from afar.

Porta-Pooper 5000

Borderlands has by no means shied away from potty humor, however this can be a entire new degree – and I adore it! That’s proper, I’ve discovered a launcher that fires not grenades however excrement! The ensuing poo puddles are so nasty they trigger literal radiation poisoning. The ensuing radiation instantly spreads amongst enemies. Even monkeys would envy this gun’s dung throwing energy. Unleash fecal fury!

Gatlin Clipper

True to the Jackob’s steam punk spirit this assault rifle boasts a basic, Victorian aesthetic. Half Gatling gun, half tommy gun, it captures the unrelenting energy of the previous whereas retaining the mobility of the latter. Ripping by means of well being and shields with equal effectivity, it’s unbelievable in most conditions. Mix glorious accuracy and hearth fee with a potent ricochet potential (all crucial hits bounce to subsequent closet enemy) and you’ve got an assault rifle that decimates teams about as successfully because it does people. 

The Thoughts Killer (Visitor Attribution — Alex Stadnik)

When Frank Herbert wrote the sci-fi basic Dune, I doubt he thought his work can be embodied right into a online game shotgun. However in basic Gearbox type, the builders have taken the sci-fi grasp’s work and turned it into one in all Borderlands Three’s strongest early recreation weapons. What makes this legendary shotgun particular is that it doesn’t use the frequent man’s buckshot to show enemies right into a pink mist, however a multicolored soundwave that may land devastating blows from surprisingly distant. With the Thoughts Killer, I felt like one of many Calypso Twins, unabashedly slaughtering bandits for my very own amusement and private acquire. Even now, 10 ranges increased than after I first stumbled upon the Maliwan shotgun, I can’t appear to half with it. It could not do as a lot injury as among the weapons on Promethea, however it nonetheless packs a punch and holds a particular place in my fanatic-slaughtering coronary heart.


Okay, this gun is horrible. I really feel obligation certain to warn in opposition to its use. Don’t take note of the legendary standing or nostalgic nods to fantastic child-hood reminiscences of squirt gun battles. That is no deadly squirt gun. Quite it’s about as helpful as a thrift retailer spray bottle. Positive, it’ll take down shields, however another shock weapon will do a greater job. With restricted vary and unusually clunky ammo switching this gun isn’t a enjoyable novelty however only a novelty. Okay, this gun is horrible. I really feel obligation certain to warn in opposition to its use. Don’t take note of the legendary standing or nostalgic nods to fantastic child-hood reminiscences of squirt gun battles. That is no deadly squirt gun. Quite it’s about as helpful as a thrift retailer spray bottle. Positive, it’ll take down shields, however another shock weapon will do a greater job. With restricted vary and unusually clunky ammo switching this gun isn’t a enjoyable novelty however only a novelty. 

The Distinctive Weapons We Missed

Throughout my tenure on Pandora, there was one mystical gun that eluded me. Rewarded in the course of the Dump on Dumptruck side-mission (activated by the bounty in Ellie’s storage), the beguilingly named Butt Plug is a simple miss. With a view to obtain the distinctive weapon, one should efficiently shoot Dumptruck’s bum. As my buddy and I sadly discovered, this isn’t merely taking pictures him within the again. Gearbox calls for exact iniquity: you should shoot him DIRECTLY within the butt. The simplest method to do that is to attend for him to shove his posterior in your face. Upon getting the all clear, go to city. Upon finishing the mission you’ll then obtain the reward: a bayonetted pistol. Appropriately, this pistol is relatively weak at vary however devastating up shut. It does double melee injury from behind. Enterprise forth future proctologists! 

Goodbye, For Now

Whereas my time with Borderlands is nowhere close to over, my updates are coming to an finish – no less than for now. If one thing actually particular emerges, or DLC graces us quickly, I’ll add extra. However, for now, I’ll give with my total tackle the sport and its weapons: It’s superior!
Over 20 hours in, the sport’s whimsy and weapons nonetheless shock me. In prior entries, I started to really feel fatigue. The weapons grew to become easy, beefed up variations of prior greats. That’s not true with this Borderlands Three. Even when the weapons are close to similar in kind, there may be great selection within the really feel and aesthetic. As a living proof, one in all my early favorites, the Searing Wolfhound, has been reborn for my first cryo-weapon: The Arctic Barking Wolfhound. Being a cryo-weapon the gun already feels tremendously completely different because it has larger utility. Whereas the Searing Wolfhound solely scorched flesh, the Arctic Barking Wolfhound tears by means of each pores and skin and armor. Moreover, whereas it lacks its fiery brother’s semi-automatic/sniper performance, it boasts a potent three-shot burst: making it a powerhouse in shut and mid-range fights. All it must be good is the Frozen sisters singing, “Do You Wish to Construct a Snowman,” as I’ve made so many snowmen. 
Because of this unprecedented gun selection, and far improved degree design, I can say this recreation is an absolute pleasure. So, go forth and revel in this wondrous shooter. I go away you with some current footage I’ve captured with my most up-to-date loves to point out off simply how highly effective, and distinctive, a few of these weapons are regardless of being variants of prior iterations. Plus, there’s a particular, hidden boss. Till subsequent time, shoot and loot!  

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